Medical Device Company

"I have used Madison Company & Sales Institute Japan programs since 1993 in multiple businesses, across several international markets, both developed and emerging. The measurable and positive impact on our sales organization's engagement and performance has resulted in a very positive ROI. Particularly the hands-on, in the field engagement of SIJ's consultants is a strength rarely found in typical consulting firms. This has been and continues to be a very strong and beneficial relationship."
- Executive Vice President, Group President, Medical Device Company.

Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd.

"After a positive experience participating in a Sales Management seminar contacted by Sales Institute Japan in summer 2010, I decided to contract Sales Institute Japan to provide sales training from October to December 2010 for my entire sales department. As a result of the training we were able to implement a new structured sales culture driven by our sales managers who are now better able to develop their staff."
- Masaaki Ito Executive Officer Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd.

International Service Provider

"SIJ's sales audit gave me a new view on our organization. The hands on and practical approach is useful and provides actionable recommendations for improvements of the sales organization."
- CEO of an international leading service provider, 150 person staff in Japan.

Leading German Medical Device Company

"Sales Institute Japan KK was brought into conduct a in-depth audit of our sales department. During the process of the audit, SIJKK not only interviewed our sales personnel in an office environment but also accompanied our sales representatives during customer calls to identify the true strengths and weakness of our sales organization through detailed field observations. Following the completion of the sales audit, SIJKK provided us with detailed and accurate report including field relevant, actionable recommendations. We were very satisfied with the process and the results obtained."
- General Manager Leading German medical device company with 70+ sales organization, 40+ years operating history in Japan

Allergan Japan KK (Now Pfizer)

"One of my business units was facing increased challenges from competition, lack of new products and a changing macro environment. The one area we had not improved or focused on was our sales force effectiveness. After the initial audit, I quickly concluded this was an area for improvement and an area that would provide market differentiation and sales improvement. I enlisted the help of the Sales Institute Japan KK, and shortly after the engagement, our sales improved and as important so did the sales team confidence, development and efficiency. SFE is an important and often overlooked area."
- President Allergan Japan KK (Now Pfizer)

Carter Associates

"I would like to commend SIJKK on their professionalism and knowledge in the area of sales training. Carter Associates worked with SIJKK on a recent training assignment. I felt the insights and action plan we created together were very useful in helping our newly hired business development executive approach his role more successfully."
- Dominic Carter CEO Carter Associates